Who is MATRIX?

MATRIX is a company specialized in the field of networking and information technology, was established in 2006, depends on a group of the best engineers, experts and consultants in Yemen, provides professional technical solutions to their customers and clients, through applying the international and global work standards in fields of Networking, Telecommunications, Security Technology and Technical Support. The main objective is to ensure the continuous business rotation for our clients with the highest possible speed and at the lowest possible cost. MATRIX works to deliver the newest technology to the Yemeni market, that will appears positively on the growth and development, helps companies and institutions to be well informed about the latest technologies which used globally, that will allow them to keep abreast of developments in the outside world. MATRIX keeps you close to your business, gives you the confidence and the solutions to be able to accomplish your business with the required speed and efficiency. readmore


  • High Quality products that add value for our customers and local market.
  • Excellent and exceptional service for our customers.
  • Responsive and sensitive to your needs.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • The fastest technical support and after sale services. Best Prices

Mission Statement

Our mission is 100% Customer Satisfaction, with an emphasis on:
  • Providing innovative, quality, on-time products and services.
  • Strong technical and problem solving ability; working with our customers to ensure that the most practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions are achieved.
  •   The development of positive relationships with all customers through a professional attitude of courtesy and integrity.

Health and Safety

MATRIX allocates big concerns about safety; it is one of the most important standards of the company. Our engineers and technicians are applying all safety roles around our work areas under supervision of safety supervisors. We are mindful to meet the universal standards of guarantee the safe work environment to our employees.


MATRIX was founded on the principle of quality. We therefore seek to provide quality in every aspect of our business. We represent quality products that impress and are easy to use and understand. We regard quality as a commitment


MATRIX’s biggest asset is people. The team members comprises highly motivated, ambitious and well trained individuals. They have excellent experience in real work fields. Some of them were working with the exclusive network provider of Yemen (communication, data and internet), this gives the advantages to the previous knowledge and experience in dealing with Yemen’s network and what is the best solution and where is the best solution. Our professional engineers offer the highest level of services to various sectors of society. The company is trying to provide an excellent work culture and is committed to the welfare of its people. The talent, hard-work, team spirit and dedication of our employees contribute toward the success of MATRIX.