MATRIX company is specialized in field of networking and information technology, established in 2006,
providing a several packages of Networking and technology services, depends on high qualified
engineers, experts and consultants working and applying the global and international standards in field
of communications, IT projects or Maintenance.
MATRIX is specialized and experienced in remote and outlaying sites networking. We’re considered
ourselves as an Oilfield IT and communication solutions provider. Our goal is to help our customers
achieve their goals by providing them with the technology, advice, products they need, and make their
businesses efficient and more reliable.
MATRIX is also specialized in security technology systems. Because of the importance of security and
dependence on the intelligent systems to detect and inspect any suspicions or threats, Matrix takes the
mission of providing the local market with the intelligent security systems with consultancy and
technical support to keep the customers’ business safe and secure.
MATRIX resources are some of the world’s major manufacturers whose technologies are of the highest
quality and reliability and whose commitment to customers is the top priority. The primary end-users of
our products are governmental and private institutions, oil companies, manufacturers, embassies,
multinational companies, banks, hotels and hospitals.
MATRIX features dedicated account and IT managers to help customers choose the right technology
products and services to best meet their unique needs. The company’s technology specialists offer
expertise in designing customized Solutions, while its advanced technology engineers assist customers
with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions.