Visual Emergency Route System is considered as one of the best
evacuation techniques for life saving and escape from buildings
of any sort. In case of emergency such as fire or gas leak, it turns
a dangerous situation into a safe one, by guiding people away
from harm to the nearest emergency exit door. Usually in the
event of emergency situations such as fires, gas leak or terrorism
attacks, the heavy smoke, power failure and darkness were the
main problems that may prevent people from finding the path to
the right emergency exit doors, especially with the state of terror
and panic that always accompanies people in these kinds of
situations. In these cases emergency signage such as (the
running green man) could be visually blocked, Visual Emergency
Route System ensures a clear directions to the emergency exit
doors, by using lighted sign plates (LED arrows), installed on the
grounds of the building corridors, these plates are fed by an
independent power supply system (Batteries), works
automatically on the emergency situations or power failure,
guiding people to the safe places.